Gift Wrap: Pink

This is definitely my favourite!  I simply adore the girliness of pink; and how perfectly the softness of baby pink compliments both black or grey, when added to white.  Its both classy and playful.  Again, so simple to achieve: wrap your gift in grey and white cloth, add that beautiful pink ribbon and then personalise it with an inspirational tag.  The Special Events’ shop has a variety to choose from – my favourite is the grey stripes, which one is yours?  Why not let us know on our Facebook page?

I just have to point out the stunning crepe flower; how lovely!  And what an easy way to perk up any plain box… pop in to the Special Events’ shop and ask Tanya how she made it.  She’d love to show you; it takes 5 minutes.  Seriously. That’s it.  People will be so impressed by your creativity!